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Posted by The Historic Journal on September 19, 2016

Revolutionary War Pensions

The Revolutionary War is the most honorable war our country has ever fought. It was the determination of the people for America to be its own country. Having an ancestor who fought in this war is a great honor. If you’re like me and have a Revolutionary War patriot you probably want to know about

Posted by The Historic Journal on September 12, 2016

Architecture of the Antebellum Period

The Civil War is often remembered as the darkest hour in America’s history. Four years of bloody battles, friend fighting against friend, brother against brother, lack of food and resources as well as moral and civil issues. While these details are ugly and bring about varying opinions there is one detail that exhibits beauty, romance

Posted by The Historic Journal on September 5, 2016

Beginning your ancestry search

Making the decision to begin tracing your family tree can be very exciting. The thrill of finding new facts and solving old mysteries can give you an adrenaline rush that have never experience before. Like anything in life, you will have your ups and downs that will feel like wins and losses. Beginning the discovery

Posted by The Historic Journal on August 29, 2016

Welcome to The Historic Journal

Welcome to the Historic Journal! We’re so excited the website has officially launched. Our purpose of starting The Journal is to provide a site for those who enjoy learning about American history. The articles feature historic people, places, events and time periods with the focus on their importance and how they are influencing people today.

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