At the Historic Journal, our mission is to honor the many worthy people, places, and times of U.S. History.  Our weekly featured stories will illustrate the importance and impact that they made.  We take pride in documenting the life and times that are often over looked.  When we began writing it became clear that we were not simply writing for educational or entertaining purposes.  Instead, it became our personal conviction to remember and preserve the histories that were once thriving.  Our goal is for you to learn more about the people and places we feature and gain a deeper appreciation of our treasured past.  Great effort has been made by both The Historic Journal and the contributing families to document these historic gems.  In addition to our articles, we will feature items that may be purchased.  Any items purchased from one of our affiliates will help fund The Historic Journal and ensure its survival.  We thank each and every one of you in advance for taking the time to read and reflect.  We hope you take away a deeper appreciation of not only the histories presented here but, also of your own personal story.

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