Welcome to The Historic Journal

August 29, 2016 The Historic Journal 18,461 comments

Welcome to the Historic Journal! We’re so excited the website has officially launched. Our purpose of starting The Journal is to provide a site for those who enjoy learning about American history. The articles feature historic people, places, events and time periods with the focus on their importance and how they are influencing people today.


One very special feature is our Veteran Wall of Honor.   This wall is dedicated to the men and women who have served honorably in our military forces. We believe all veterans should be recognized for their service. If you have a veteran, past and present, please allow us to honor them. To do so, please contact using our contact page so we can acquire the needed information in order to feature your veteran. There is no charge to have any veteran featured.


We will add new content and topics each week. To receive updates and reminders sign up for our email list.  You can also follow The Historic Journal on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. We want to hear from you and what you think about us so be sure to leave a comment.


The Historic Journal hopes to capture a glimpse of the past and bring it to life in a special way.  As we journey through our history, we hope that you will not only learn something new but be also reminded of how great our country is; of the sacrifices made by many to ensure that each of us can fulfill our American Dream.